In the VideoBox, you can do either of the two things.

  1. Put videos with caption
  2. Put images with caption and Hyperlink them with a video.

To implement either of the thing, do the following procedure.

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Videobox

If you want to put first video, then put it’s iframe codes in the field option named as VideoBox First.
Similarly, in order to put second video, put the Embeddable codes in the field option VideoBox Second.


Alternative of Embedding videos ­ Insert videos Hyperlinked to Images.

Instead of videos, if you want to put images, just upload the images in Image Box First and ImageBox Second.

You can link video to each image by putting it’s url in Video link on Image First and Video link on Image Second.

Note: If you are supposed to put images, then keep that video box empty.


Besides, you can give a caption to each image and can hyperlink it.