Step 1

  • Go To Dashboard ->Gallery and Portfolio ->Add New


Step 2

  • Set the Feature image of the gallery.
  • This feature image should be square in shape. Optimal minimum image size will be 264px width*264px height.


Step 3

  • Add tag to the gallery. This tag is similar to category.


  • Finally, save the changes and click on Publish button.
  • For adding more images in a gallery, just add feature images in the new gallery, and select the tags from the Choose From the most filter tags option.
  • Don’t get confused, at a time you can add single image in a gallery. But to display multiple images, you have to add new feature image in a new gallery section and select the tag that you have defined.
  • For e.g. if I have to add 5 images under Interior, I will create five new gallery pages, insert a feature image in every page and select the filter tag as Interior.
  • In the front page, When a user click on Interior tag, all the images under interior tag will display.
  • In a similar way you can add multiple galleries.
  • This is how your gallery will look on your website.