Security is one of the most important part of your website, you have to pay particular attention to it to avoid possible unwanted outcome for your site. It will really save you time ( if you needed to restore your website), save you money (if you are running advertisement on your site), reputation (priceless if your site have plenty of visitors daily).

These are some of the articles that we think it might helps you in securing your website. Read and understand them carefully.

Some of the most basic functions that we do really take it for granted is perhaps one of the easiest way for undetected flaws of our own, here are some Tips on How to Secure Your Account.

We use it daily, so we have to remember it, but just not too simple, well, here is a guide on Security: Passwords.

Most of use use email on a daily basis. It should be fast and reliable, while this is the Digital Age, it’s here, and it will stay, like it or not, we need emails – and some of us have more than one. Security: Emails

For all we know – the world is pretty advance in many ways. And yes there are some term we would find it weird like “Email Harvesting”, well these things are not really harmful, it could generate spams, and sometimes be annoying, having the time to really read them. Security: Email Harvesting/Privacy. One good way is to use reCAPTCHA instead.

Pay attention to this on Security: Phishing and Scams. They normally hits their target big-time, meaning lots of valuables are potentially lost here.

For most of us, we are happily installing and using free software, scripts or applications that serve our needs. But what we really are not sure is the potential malware hidden inside. Read more on Malware Protection

If you’re a newbie in programming, you can take a look into How to Automatically Block someone who is Snooping around your Site. And also you can try this as well on How to block bots that don’t Respect your robots.txt file

Sometimes, private and confidential information can be leaked out or access indirectly by yourself, and you don’t even realise it. Yes, more than 1 billion people on this planet has an account on these platforms, we called it social networking sites. They keep you connected to your private connections but they can also keep people with bad intentions connected if you are not properly aware of what’s going on, what information is there, what type of privacy and so on. For more information : Security: Social Engineering.

You can always take the road to safety precaution and prevent compromised accounts. Prevention is always better than cure.