Why wouId I need dedicated IP then?
There are cases when a dedicated IP is mandatory, for instance, if you are planning to install an SSL certificate in your e-commerce website to ensure that all your customer’s data is safe during transactions.
Beyond the e-commerce example, there are not really that many reasons your website may need a dedicated IP, however, there are still very specific cases that applies as valid ARIN justification.
If you have questions whether if your websites needs it or not, you can submit a support ticket anytime! one of our support staff will be glad to review your case.

In conclusion
Based on all of this information directly from Google and some of their heads, we can affirm that a dedicated IP address won’t improve your SEO rankings, thus, it won’t be considered as a valid ARIN justification.

Also, you can take a look at Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and you’ll notice that dedicated IP addresses aren’t to be found on that list.