FTP or File Transfer Protocol is an internet standard protocol for transferring files from one location to another. Normally this is used to move files from your computer to a server, or in reverse. FTP enables you to easily update your website files using a client specifically designed to work with the FTP protocol.

Below we have listed some of the most common FTP Clients with instructions on their use.

FileZilla (Free)
WinSCP (Free)
RapidWeaver (Website Design/FTP Program for Mac)
Transmit (Mac FTP client)

For more detailed information in regards to FTP, please see this Wikipedia article.


File Display Limit

If you have over 2,000 files, you will only be able to see the first 2,000 of them when you are connected via FTP. For example, if you have 2,135 files in a directory, you will only see the first 2,000. We recommend that you use sFTP or the file manager if you are attempting to browse a folder that has more than 2,000 files.