In this article, we will show you how to setup Evolution Email client. For this article, we will assume that this is the first email account you have configured in Evolution.

1) Open Evolution

2) Click Continue

3) Click Continue

4) Enter your Full Name and email address, then click Continue

5) Select the type of server type you wish to use. We highly recommend IMAP. Next enter the server and username. You can use “” as the server (replace with your actual domain) and your full email address as the user name. Next select Password as the authentication type and select Remember password. Now click continue.

6) Select the options you wish to use for automatically checking your email account for new messages. Once done, click continue.

7) Select SMTP as the server type and enter the following details…

Server Type = SMTP
Server = (replace with your actual domain)
Server Requires Authentication = True
Security = No Encryption (unless otherwise needed)
Authentication Type = Plain
Authentication Username = Your email address
Remember Password = Checked

Now click Continue

8) Click Continue

9) Click Apply. You will now be prompted for your email password.

That’s it!