In this article, we will show you how to configure Balsa. For this article, we will assume that this is the first account added to Balsa.

1) Start Balsa

2) Click Forward

3) Enter the following options…

Name of mail server for incoming mail = (replace with your actual domain)
Type of mail server = We recommend IMAP
Connect using SSL = Unchecked unless otherwise needed
Your email login name = Your full email address
Your Password = Your email password
SMTP Server = (replace with your actual domain)
Your real name = Your name
Your Email Address, for this email account = Your email address
Remember your password: Yes
local mail directory = Leave as default

Once done, click Forward

4) Leave the defaults and click Forward

5) Select if you want Balsa to be your default client, then click Forward

6) That’s it! Just click close.

Note: You may see a SSL/TLS certificate message, this is normal and you can click Accept & Save