In this article, we will show you how to setup your Microsoft Entourage to work with your MushroomTech Hosted Email account.

1) Open Entourage.

2) Click Tools

3) Click Accounts

4) Click New

5) Enter your Email Address

6) Click Configure Account Manually

7) Select the account time you wish to use, then click OK. We recommend IMAP.

8) Enter the following information…

Account Name = The nickname you wish to see for this account
Name = Your Name
Email Address = Your Email Address
Account ID = Your Email Address
IMAP/POP3 Server = (replace with your actual domain name)
Password = Your email Password
SMTP Server = (replace with your actual domain name)

9) Click the Click here for advanced sending option button

10) Select the SMTP server requires authentication and select the Use same settings as receiving mail server. Once done, click outside of the box.

11) Click OK

That’s it!